Crypto Derivatives Exchange That Everyone Trusts
Trade BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC and BNB futures with 100x perpetual swap contracts.
Innovation. Integrity. Respect For Privacy
There are many exchanges out there, but what makes us stand out is the orignal crypto spirits that we live up to. Every day, we dedicate to giving you the best trading experience ever existed in the market.
100x Perpetuals
Perpetuals contracts for BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, and BNB, with margin trading up to 100x leverage.
No Overload
Built with the same technology that powers the internet giants. Smoothly place order any time you like.
100% Cold Storage
All your assets are held in multi-signatured cold wallets. All withdrawals are checked manually.
Comprehensive API
Seamless programming experience. Ready to ingest millions of trades per second.
Integrity + Honesty
Absolutely No Manipulation. We do things differently and live up to those spirits.
Low Fees
The world's lowest taker fee. And of course, no fees on opening and closing positions.
Trader Testimonials
  • Feels like the "early" BitMEX. No wicks nor off times due to overload. Promising, maybe worth a try if looking for a BitMEX alternative.
  • BaseFEX received a score of A+ in this Mozilla’s Observatory-test. This is an incredible score. Out of all the 400+ exchanges, only four others have received A+ scores at all.
  • A prudent coin management protocol as well as strong trading risk management systems that avoid socialized losses.
  • BitMEX range: $648 from low to high. BaseFEX range: $468 from low to high. Don't get scammed.
  • The fact that it is trying to become a secure, user-friendly and transparent exchange makes it a worthy competitor to the other leading cryptocurrency derivative exchanges.
  • The fees are very reasonable, no charge for deposits or withdrawals and makers fees are free with takers fees being 0.05%.
    Ravi Gupat
  • アプリの出来いいな。・出来高増やしてユーザーを取り戻す・正直運営する 頑張れbaseFEX
  • Rather you want to leverage against #bitcoin, #Łitecoin, #Cardano or other #cryptocurrencies, #BaseFEX has the options you're looking for!
    3Douglas 3D ₿itИiиja
  • $BNB にレバ20倍 トレード アルトもMEX超える50倍あり 例 $XRP
  • Decent fee structure. Good securit. Great risk management
    Tom Alford
  • BaseFEX provides powered-up, cutting-edge features for professional traders who require the full range of earning more, decision making and fundamentals information at their fingertips.
  • High leveraging is another good reason for traders to use BASEFEX. The platform will offer 100x leverages which is the highest and most feasible that a trader’s can ever get.
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