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  • About BaseFEX

    Basefex’s mission is to uphold the original crypto spirits and make the world a better place by helping everyone trade more and trade better.

    Basefex was founded in 2018 by a group of cryptocurrency traders and idealists who are not satisfied with the status quo and the way the incumbents do business. Today, Basefex provides traders across the globe with not only phenomenal liquidity but also top-notch security and innovative products. Basefex believes that the faster the market gets back to its original crypto spirits, the better.

    BaseFEX has faith in the original spirits of cryptocurrency. BaseFEX despises the widespread mentality among other crypto exchanges that it is acceptable to illegitimately and immorally exploit their own users’ data.

    Therefore it is our sole responsibility to fulfill these values through every day and even every second’s operation, because we are who you are.

    Facts About Us

    BaseFEX is backed by

    • Big.ONE, one of the largest spot exchanges that has over $500 million daily volume.
    • InBlockchain, China’s most eminent venture capital fund in the cryptocurrency world.
    • ZhenFund, which invested in Huobi, and Ceyuan Ventures, which invested in OKCoin.
    • KYC policy: we will never require KYC check for any of our services.
    • Time of existence: we have been in operation since Oct. 2018.
    • Recognition: BaseFEX is listed on CoinMarketCap.
    • Top-notch security: BaseFEX has never been hacked since its launch on Oct. 2018. We also have obtained the highest security rating from Mozilla Observatory Test.
    • Stable server: BaseFEX has never had a system break down nor has encountered an overload since launch.
    • Mobile apps: Android and iOS apps available.
    • Low fees: BaseFEX has the world’s lowest taker fees on BTCUSD and BTCUSDT
    • Support: BaseFEX has 24/7 live support via email and live chat.
    • Cold storage: All your assets are held in multi-signature cold wallets.
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