How to Start

Basic Information

Start your trading with the following steps:

  • Read the instruction documents down below
  • Check the FAQ page for more detailed information

What is BaseFEX? An Overview

  • BaseFEX is a futures trading platform offering leveraged contracts for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Currently, BaseFEX offers Bitcoin futures trading and all profits and losses are settled in Bitcoin. We will be offering more Altcoins futures contracts and also cryptocurrency options trading in the future.
  • BaseFEX offers high leveraged trading up to 100x.

There are three main tabs on the top left of the website:

Where to Start?

First you should read through the FAQ and check if you understand all of those terms and trading details. Then check out How to Trade to start your trading at BaseFEX.

It is highly recommended that you read the following pages before trading:

  • Futures Contract Overview: This overview will help you understand what futures trading is and how it works.
  • Perpetual Contract Overview: Currently BaseFEX offers Perpetual Contracts. You can read through this overview to know more about how it works and its funding mechanism.
  • Fair Price Marking: You can see how your positions are marked, and this mechanism determines your liquidation price when the market goes against you.
  • Liquidation: Here you can see when and how a liquidation happens, and the working details of how the BaseFEX Liquidation Engine works.