Risk Limits


At BaseFEX, the risk limits are implemented on all trading accounts in order to avoid the happening of large liquidations.

In case some users possess huge positions, they are actually posing high risks on the other users that they might face Auto-Deleveraging if the position cannot be fully liquidated. The Step model helps avoid this through increasing margin requirements for large positions.

Dynamic Risk Limits

Every contract has a Base Risk Limit and Step. Combined with the base Maintenance Margin and Initial Margin requirements, these numbers are used to calculate the full margin requirement at each position size.

If the position size increases, the maintenance and initial margin requirements will increase as well. You need to authorize a higher or lower risk limit on the Positions panel. And if the risk limit changes, margin requirements will change automatically.

Instrument Risk Limits



Term Formula BTCUSD Example (200 BTC)
New Maintenance Margin % MM = M + MAX(0, Position Value - R) * 0.005% 0.5% + MAX(0, 200 - 100) * 0.005% = 1.00%
New Initial Margin % IM = I + MAX(0, Position Value - R) * 0.005% 1.00% + MAX(0, 200 - 100) * 0.005% = 1.50%
BTC Maintenance Margin New MM * Gross BTC Position Value 1.00% * 200 BTC = 2 BTC